Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S02E13 - The Setup

Episode Summary

Remove all metal object from your pockets and stay perfectly still! Join us this week as Mark and Allen rewatch and review Parks and Recreation S02E13 - The Setup! With free MRI's, you know were spoiling you here, right?

Episode Notes

This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that reminds us all just how awkward being setup can actually be! For starters, while Leslie is interested in Justin, an old attorney friend of Ann's, Ann is clearly saving him for herself and sets up Leslie with a she kind of knows. A really awkward dinner date leads to an even more awkward MRI. Meanwhile, Mark is having a bad day as he suspects Ann's motivation vis a vis Justin AND has to endure 'Marley and Me' to make matters even worse. Finally, and most importantly to Ron, Tom helps Ron search for an taxpayer funded assistant to help save Ron from the taxpayers themselves! We meet lots of unmemorable candidates before meeting "The Worst" of them all - the one and only Jean-Ralphio Saperstein!