Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S02E14 - Leslie's House

Episode Summary

Join us on an epic tale involving cooking, fencing, origami, bartending, grief counseling, and more! Today Mark and Allen tackle "Leslie's House", episode 14 of season 2. Come in, let Andy take your coat... but just be warned, the doorbell will be ringing. A LOT

Episode Notes

This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that lets us finally peer inside the one area of Leslie's life that has remained a mystery - her house! Having been on several great dates with Justin, Leslie wants to plan their best date ever for when he next comes to Pawnee.  It quickly becomes obvious she has bitten off more than she can chew.  In desperation, Leslie reaches out to her friends, then to the Pawnee Rec Center teachers.  However, the teachers, who days ago had been told the reduced city budget would force 5 classes to close, interpret this as Leslie soliciting a bribe from them in the form of free services.  Combine this with potential awkwardness (Andy/Mark, Mark/Justin, Tom/Wendy), borderline gluttony (Ron bringing his own tray of deviled eggs which he does not want to share), underage drinking (April and her friends), and very hot peppers (wait and see), this party could be a royal gala or a powder keg.  Which way will it lean?  What will happen?  Stay tuned, loyal podcast viewers... the answers will be revealed!  This is ramping up to be a good one.  NOTE:  We're not saying we don't trust you... but leave any chewing gum at the door.  Many thanks to our amazing sponsor, the William Percy Recreation Center.