Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S02E19 - Park Safety

Episode Summary

Climb in your favorite raccoon-urine-free golf cart, head down to Ramsett Park, say hello to your friendly neighborhood park rangers, and join intrepid hosts Mark and Allen as they tackle "Park Safety", episode 19 of season 2. NOTE: Be careful, there have been 10 assaults already this year... of park rangers, anyway.

Episode Notes

This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that reveals the secret to Jerry's approach to life (you'll have to wait until the very end).  When Jerry gets mugged while refilling the park's hummingbird feeders, Leslie feels bad about how much they make fun of him, and urges the gang to refrain, while also working with LOUD park security ranger Carl to try and make the parks safer. Going on Pawnee Today, Leslie says the Pawnee government failed the parks, security is poor, and they need more funding. Although angering City Manager Paul Iaresco, the TV stunt worked, causing Mayor Gunderson to offer $2,500 towards fixing the park. However, at a press conference Jerry makes a confession to Leslie that perhaps things happened a little differently than he said.  Meanwhile, we observe some odd love-triangle-esque interactions and behavior from Ann (who says Andy is a fun person but completely reliant on others), April (who likes Andy, and plain doesn't like Ann), and Andy (who is a dim-witted but loveable goofball). After Andy is accidentally knocked out by Ron during a self-defense class, Ann brings Andy gifts at the shoe shine stand to help him feel better... also making April jealous. However, we've seen Andy think of others lately... particularly April. Once again, we address the toughest questions known to mankind, such as... What is the confession Jerry makes to Leslie? Will the gang continue to make fun of him? Is it okay to attack a criminal's bean bag? Did the movie Avatar truly live up to the hype? What exactly does "walking Lord Sheldon" mean? Loyal viewers, this is a memorable episode for sure - don't miss it!  NOTE: Our intern, Constantine, asks that if you join us, please refrain from getting breakfast burritos... it could be unpleasant for all involved.  Many thanks to our awesome sponsor, the Ron Swanson Self-Defense and Self-Respect Couse (or RSSDSRC).