Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S02E05 "Sister City"

Episode Summary

Ok fellow Pawneeans, roll out the welcome mat and strap in for a visit from the delegation from Boraqua, Pawnee's sister city in Venezuela! Join Mark and Allen as they give your the guided tour of this classic episode from Season 2 of Parks and Recreation.

Episode Notes

In this week's podcast, Mark and Allen help you relive when Leslie and the gang welcome their counter parts from Pawnee's sister city to the south. Meet Raul, Elvis, and Antonio; but, ignore intern Jhonny - he's useless. Watch Tom swallow his pride in exchange for cash tips and see if April will marry lowly Intern Jhonny and run away to his small Estate in Venezuela. Tune in an hear how much more impressive Raul's title is than Leslie's and see if she will give Chavez a shout out in order to get enough money to finally fill in the Pit! You can expect all of this and more on this week's show - Viva LFP!