Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

Episode 12 - S02E06 "Kaboom"

Episode Summary

Cancel your subscription to Blockbuster online (because really?), put a white chalk 'x' on the mailbox by city hall, and get ready to spread some PBJ as Mark and Allen tackle "KaBOOM!", episode 6 of season 2.

Episode Notes

This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode finally addressing the pesky pit that's been with us from the beginning.  Leslie and the gang volunteer to help the organization KaBOOM! build a playground for Eagleton (don't judge) in just one day!  Frustrated at the lack of progress with the pit, Leslie takes advice from Mark to cut through the red tape.  In the process she injures Andy, opening Pawnee up to a possible lawsuit.  As usual, the tough questions are addressed, such as...  What does a man-pillow look like?  Do pigs purr?  How many doing caps does Tom own? And, where are Andy's clothes....again?  Look for special guest appearances by Bob Belcher... er... I mean Archer... er... I mean attorney Scott Braddock (played by H. Jon Benjamin) and Keef 'Kaboom' Slertner (played by Paul Scheer).  Don't bother looking for April or Donna ... they are still vacationing with Jhonny.  Many thanks to our amazing sponsors:  Bucket of Cake and the City of Pawnee.