Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S02E09 "The Camel"

Episode Summary

Have you ever designed a mural? Do you have any desire to do so in the future? If so, then podcast viewers, do we have a treat for you! A collection of do's and don'ts are all here, waiting for perusal. So set up your easel and paint by numbers book, and tune in as Mark and Allen tackle "The Camel", episode 9 of season 2.

Episode Notes

This week, Mark and Allen break down the Episode that shows us how great team building can be... and how awful some noises can be.  After a mural in City Hall is defaced, the Pawnee departments compete to design a new replacement. Leslie and gang face adversity in the process, both from without (Sewage Department) and from within (disagreement in the ranks).  Meanwhile, business is booming for Andy's shoe-shine stand, and Ron shows support by getting his shoes shined.  In the process, Andy and Ron share... an uncomfortable moment... and are unsure how to deal with it.  As always, we tackle hard questions that would break lesser men, such as...  Which is better, a lizard puking up Skittles, or a human-sized hamster wheel?  What does a death row convict's art therapy look like?  Who would sit at the head of your table: Greg Kinnear, a NASCAR, or Ron Swanson?  Whose idea is the best?  Who will win?  Join us and see.  And for God's sake... If you ever get your shoes shined, keep your eyes open, look straight ahead, and keep QUIET.  Many thanks to our awesome sponsors, the Pawnee School of the Arts University (a.k.a. PSAU) and Dr. Harry's Podiatry.