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Pawnee Spotlight: Dorian Frankel

Episode Summary

You can see her efforts matching great talents with great roles in hit shows such as Veep, Baskets, Kroll Show, Single Parents, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Future Man, Idiotsitter, and of course Parks and Recreation! Join us this week for a very special Spotlight episode featuring Casting Director and Primetime Emmy Award winner Dorian Frankel!

Episode Notes

Mark and Allen are in the studio this week working on the latest Season 5 Episodes and will be back with a new episode next week! Recently, they were fortunate enough to chat with Dorian recently and dive into her experiences as a casting director, as well as an actress and a singer! Check out the full exclusive interview with Dorian this week ... as charming and interesting a guest as we've ever had on the show.

This was a really fun interview from a perspective many people don't often think about. The guys got to learn about the casting process and get some background on how their favorite Parks and Recreation guest stars were cast. Dorian was a wonderful and gracious guest, willing to dish on whatever questions we had for her. Tune in and see for yourself!

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