Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S05E01 - Ms. Knope Goes to Washington

Episode Summary

Grab your guide book, make your way to Smithsonian, and keep your eyes peeled for clues, National Treasure style ... we're going to our nation's capital, Washington D.C.!!! Join expert glitter moguls Mark and Allen as they tackle Episode 1 of Season 5, "Ms Knope Goes to Washington". NOTE: Constantine is proud to announce the second appearance of his new segment, "Constantine's Comedy Corner". Yep. There you go. You have been warned.

Episode Notes

This week Mark and Allen break down the Episode where Leslie Knope first meets John McCain (even though she doesn't realize it)!  Leslie and Andy are visiting Washington, D.C., to see Ben, who accepted a temporary job there for a congressional re-election campaign, and April, who decided to join Ben as his intern. Thrilled to be in the nation's capital, Leslie also hopes to secure federal funding to clean the Pawnee River, but her optimism is dulled when she is unable to meet with anyone at the United States Department of the Interior, resulting in her proposal being tossed into a giant pile with numerous other unread proposals. Ben invites Leslie, April and Andy to a cocktail party that night, but Leslie becomes intimidated by the numerous tall, smart, successful women that Ben works with every day, and feels her position on the Pawnee City Council is feeble in comparison.  Meanwhile, back in Pawnee, Ron has an announcement for the gang.  THE GOOD NEWS?  With Leslie absent, he will take over the "Leslie Knope Employment Enjoyment Summer Slam Grill Jam Fun-Splosion", an annual barbecue for the Parks department.  THE BAD NEWS?  He plans to make it only about meat, with no other types of foods, or even any activities.  During the event, Ron brings a live pig named Tom that he is planning to slaughter and cook right then and there, but is (thankfully) informed that it violates numerous laws.  An annoyed Ron makes a trip to Food N Stuff, getting pounds of meat which will take several hours to cook, refusing to buy any other food for his hungry and bored subordinates. Chris notices the frustration of the Parks department and repeatedly gives Ron suggestions to improve the barbecue, but the stubborn Ron ignores him.  Finally, at the employee appreciation barbecue, Tom and Ann appear to still be together. However, we quickly learn via talking head that they have LONG since broken up, they are pretending to still be together since everyone was so smug about it not lasting, and Tom apparently made a $1000 bet with Donna that they would still be together in another month. As the barbecue drags on, we see Ann having a tough time keeping up their ruse due to Tom being ... well ... Tom.  As always, we tackle the tough questions, such as ... Which people on Leslie's List of Amazing Women does Ben introduce her to? Can Ron turn things around and make the employees feel appreciated? Is there anything Tom WON'T add glitter to? Who tries to comfort a spiraling Leslie in the coat closet? How does Chris handle things with Ron later? How does Ann retaliate for Tom's glitter-based offenses? Can Leslie snap herself out of this funk, and if so, how so? Whatever happened to Pig Tom? Who will win the bet between Donna and Tom?  Loyal podcast viewers, welcome to Season 5 of Parks and Recreation. Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times. Many thanks to our amazing sponsor, "Food N Stuff".