Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S07E02 - Ron and Jammy

Episode Summary

Take a long drunken road-trip, panic about your employment choices, and impersonate a Swanson (e.g. order steak and whiskey, grow out your mustache, be almost unbearably manly)! Join world-renowned cult deprogrammers Mark and Allen as they tackle Episode 2 of Season 7, "Ron and Jammy". (NOTE: So far so good with Robonstantine. No murder sprees ... that we're aware of. If only we could say the same for Carvey ... *sigh*)

Episode Notes

This week Mark and Allen break down the Episode where we learn that Councilman Jeremy Jamm and Ron's ex-wife Tammy 2 have actually been in a "real" relationship! With the Pawnee city council voting on re-zoning the Newport land for commercial use, Leslie wants them to vote "No", as this will eliminate Gryzzl from the land competition altogether. When she finds out the deciding vote is held by Councilman Jeremy Jamm, Leslie pays him a visit, only to find that [a] he's made himself look like Ron (somewhat), and [b] apparently he's now with Tammy, who completely controls him in all ways, including how he votes. Leslie tries to convince Tammy to side with her in order to torture Ron. This seems like a sure thing, but later when the council heard arguments, Jamm immediately declares his intention to side with Ron and Gryzzl ... a move orchestrated by Tammy to try and win back Ron. Leslie tries to break up Jamm and Tammy, but in the process realizes that Jamm is a broken, miserable shell of a man. Leslie puts her vote agenda on the back burner, instead wanting to help Jamm escape the clutches of Tammy ... even if that means teaming up with Ron to do it. Meanwhile, Ben and April attend a Pawnee "Walk of Fame" inductee ceremony to honor Joan Callamezzo. Despite being quite crazy in many, many ways, Joan delivers a speech which hits April hard, and makes her start thinking about her job, and what she finally wants to do with her life. April ends up confiding in Ben, and he tries to help her figure things out, including having her take an online vocational test, and dialoguing with her about what she might want to do. It then occurs to April that she *might* want to be a mortician ... Finally, Andy celebrates Tom's success with him, but finds out Tom isn't content just being a big-time mogul ... he wants to have someone in his life. As Tom and Andy discuss things (and drink), Andy sees a GryzzlText come through from Lucy, prompting him to drunkenly suggest he and Tom go to Chicago to meet up with Lucy! The pair sober up during the LONG cab ride there, get out, and as fate would have it, immediately bump into Lucy. Andy makes up a story as to why they are there, and they spend the day with Lucy. Tom realizes how much he misses Lucy, and wonders if she could be the one ... but considers how (or if) it could work between them with Lucy living in a different city. As always, we tackle the tough questions, such as ... Will Leslie and Ron put aside their differences to help Jamm? What is the result of April's online vocational test? Is Lucy interested in Tom? Can Jamm escape the clutches of the dreaded Tammy 2? Can Ben convince April to not live under a bridge and ask people riddles before they cross? Will Tom ask Lucy to come back to Pawnee with him? How will Jamm vote regarding the Newport land re-zoning? Will April decide to become a mortician? Does Andy finally get to go to Ben & Jerry's? Loyal viewers, Season 7 started out with a bang - will the greatness continue, or will it fall flat? Stay tuned to find out! Many thanks to our fantastic sponsor, "Tam-Away".