Live from Pawnee: A Parks and Recreation Fan Rewatch Podcast

S07E05 - Grizzlbox

Episode Summary

Go over your contract, prepare a welcome speech for the youths of tomorrow, and dive into the maddening intricacies of data-mining! Oh, and be sure to bow down to our robotic overlords. (EDIT: Robonstantine, don't get any ideas.) Join world renowned drone flyers Mark and Allen as they tackle Episode 5 of Season 7, "Gryzzlbox". (NOTE: We don't THINK Robonstantine has gone on any murder sprees yet, but we will admit it's been quite a while since we've seen Ralph the Janitor. It is possible Ralph led an expedition into the future to rescue Constantine and Harvey. *sigh* We work with some dumb people.)

Episode Notes

This week Mark and Allen break down the Episode where we learn Craig sees therapist Dr. Richard Nygard, thereby adding him to the known list of Nygardians! Frustrated, but still looking for a way to defeat Gryzzl, Leslie is surprised when she receives a free gift box at her front door via a Gryzzl "SKYPAL" drone. Leslie and Ben find out later that Donna also received a free "Gryzzlbox", however Donna angrily explains her gifts are based on detail that could only have come from private text and phone conversations. When Leslie opens her box and sees the very personal-related artifacts in it, Ben deduces that Gryzzl must be data mining, which is not only an extreme invasion of privacy, but Ben made sure it was illegal via language he chose for the contract between Gryzzl and Pawnee. A public forum discussing the subject reveals that, for once, the town is 100% behind Leslie. Leslie also hopes to sway Ron, but he is harder to convince, maintaining that it's foolish for people to own and use devices that can be tracked in the first place. Donna sets up a private tour of Gryzzl for Leslie and Ben so that they can snoop around and maybe dig up some dirt, but when Leslie asks Gryzzl vice-president Roscoe about data mining, he openly and cheerfully admits to the practice, talking about how great it is for everyone. At this, Leslie challenges Roscoe to debate these questionable practices on TV, convinced that she will not only win, but humiliate Gryzzl as she presents her evidence. Meanwhile, sensing that Tom is trying to distract himself from Lucy visiting her boyfriend in Chicago, Andy presents him with an opportunity to become his agent and help him renegotiate a contract he was offered by station manager Hank Muntak. Not only is Andy not getting paid much, and tasked with lots of extra duties, the contract clearly says that Andy does NOT own the rights to the character "Johnny Karate". Tom agrees to help Andy with his contract, and the pair end up meeting with station manager Hank Muntak, who is a tough negotiator and offers only minor upgrades, which Tom is just not satisfied with. Finally, Craig asks April to deliver a welcome speech to the new potential Parks Department interns, seeing as she got HER start as a Parks intern. After some badgering by Craig, April reluctantly agrees, but is actually hell bent on making sure none of the candidates are successful, believing that her current "aimlessness in life" all started when she was a Parks intern, and if these youngsters become Parks interns, they will essentially be throwing their lives away, just like she did. While talking to the potential interns, April latches on to a girl named Jen, who is VERY much like she was when she first started (i.e. snarky, morbid, unmotivated, no charisma, no passion for the work ahead, etc). Focusing her energy on Jen, April tells her to not go through with the internship. As always, we tackle the tough questions, such as ... Will Roscoe agree to debate Leslie on live TV, and if so, what venue will they use? Can Tom get a better contract for Andy? Does Jen end up quitting the intern program? Is Gryzzl breaking the law, or did Ben miss something in Gryzzl's contract with the city of Pawnee? Does Andy end up owning the rights to the character "Johnny Karate"? Can anyone set April straight regarding how she started and what she's accomplished? Does Ron remain neutral, or does something happen that changes Ron's mind about Gryzzl? What is Tom's secret negotiating weapon? What can April do to make amends to Craig? Loyal viewers, the series may be ending, but things are really heating up! Can Leslie conquer the flying robots? Stay tuned to find out! Many thanks to our incredible sponsor, "The Perdples Court".